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About the Dojo

North Coast Aikikai was established by Sensei LaCorte-6th Dan Shihan to further the study of the martial art known as Aikido. Its foundation rest firmly in the teachings of O-Sensei the founder of Aikido and inspired by the lessons of Sensei Vecchio-7th Dan Shihan the founder of Aikido of Cleveland. These lessons tell us that peace, harmony and the control of one’s self can be obtained through the study and practice of Aikido.

北岸 (Nōsukōsuto)

The wave logo of North Coast Aikikai symbolizes the flowing movement and constant change in motion of Aikido and its ability to take form of its environment along with the never ending energy that can move mountains and change our lives.

For 北 we pronounce this kanji as “ hoku”. (Meaning north or facing north)

For 岸 we pronounce this kanji as “ Kishi” (Meaning overlooking or coast land)

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