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Aikido – means the path or the way, it is a non-competitive traditional Japanese martial art that focuses on blending with an opponent and using their own force against themselves.

Ishiki – means awareness, this course is designed to teach children, youths and teens basic awareness of self-defense and self-protection skills. Aikido is entirely defensive and does not rely on physical strength or competition; hence, it is excellent for building children’s coordination and confidence.

Keiko – means practice, your child will learn various basic techniques to both defend and avoid confrontation due to an attack or bullying. In addition, they will learn etiquette and discipline in a traditional dojo atmosphere. They can apply these skills in their everyday life for years.

With the right instruction and guidance, children are able to overcome physical and emotional difficulties. Aikido practice helps foster skills that are needed to avoid conflict and resolve differences in a peaceful manner.

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