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Our Instructors

Our Chief Instructor is Sensei Sal LaCorte-6th Dan Shidoin is also owner and Chief Instructor of North Coast Aikikai in Mentor, Ohio. Our instructors, Sensei Bud, Sensei Jennifer and Sensei Steve are USAF Yudansha. 

About Akido

Aikido is the newest of the Japanese Martial Arts.  It is a form of self-defense that was founded by Morehei Ueshiba, O'Sensei (12/14/1883-4/26/1969), in the 1920's and was introduced to the USA in the 1960's by Yoshimitsu Yamada.  


The name "Aikido" can be broken down into 3 words: "Ai" meaning harmony, "ki" spirit or energy, and "do" the path or the way.  What makes Aikido different than other Martial Arts and self-defense arts it that, as O'Sensei has been quoted to say "Aikido has no end...there is just the beginning and further growth."



Aikido is a non-competitive art that is learned through respectful practice with partners, helping each other learn as well as through individual practice.  It's techniques are powerful and have the capacity to cause pain and injury if used at full capacity.  The techniques neutralize an attack by taking the attacker off balance and redirecting his momentum and combining that with the use of various locks, throw and pins.


Anyone is capable of learning and practicing Aikido.  Perfecting the art is a lifetime endeavor.  However, learning to defend yourself with Aikido techniques takes only a short amount of time.

Our History

 Motor City Aikido is a non-profit organization that is a member of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF) It was founded by Senseis Becker, Owczarek and Owczarek under the guidance of Sensei LaCorte, 6th Dan Shidoin, of North Coast Aikikai.  It was established to spread awareness of the Japanese Martial Art know as Aikido.  It's foundation rests firmly on the teachings of O'Sensei, Morehei Ueshiba, who founded Aikido. 


Sensei LaCorte studied Aikido under Shihan Vecchio and Shihan Yamada..

Sensei Becker and Senseis Jennifer and Steve Owczarek studied under Sensei Soriano of PAPA Aikido, USA, who studied under Sensei Johnny Tenegra of PAPA Aikido.

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